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Correct operation procedure of bulk loader

1. inspection of vehicles:

1. Check fuel, cooling water and lubricating oil.

2. Check the reliability of driving and parking brake.

3. Check the operation of bucket system without load.

4. Check the items related to loader in forklift inspection.

2. start:

1. before the start of the observation of four weeks, confirmed that there is no obstacle to safe driving obstacles, first whistle, and then start.

2. brake barometer readings up to the specified value before starting.

3., start not suddenly accelerated, should start smoothly.

3. driving:

1. remove the front and rear body safety connecting rod before driving and keep it properly.

2. when driving on the ramp, the drag start lever should be placed on the switch position, and the towing start must be positive.

3. change the direction of travel and change the drive lever must be carried out after the car stops.

4. when carrying materials, the lower hinge of the moving arm should be kept above 400mm above the ground. The bucket shall not be lifted to the highest position for the delivery of the material.

5., avoid running laterally and loading materials across the slope as much as possible.

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