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Inspection work of stacker reclaimer

High temperature strikes, operators and equipment all need to pay attention to heatstroke sunscreen, for equipment, daily inspection will become particularly important, as the inspection points of stacker:

1, scraper conveyor chain lubrication, requirements drip point should be aligned inside and outside the gap of the chain plate.

2, scraper drive device operation, speed reducer shall not have abnormal noise, temperature rise should not be greater than 40 degrees.

3, the scraper device in the scraper body surface fixed wear-resisting plate wear, and when its degree of wear reached 2/3 of the body, should be replaced in a timely manner.

4, scraper device in the middle of the pulley plug is loose, if there is loose, should be promptly tightened.

5, the groove lining plate wear, when it is worn to endanger the groove body, should replace lining board in time.

6, whether the scraper running skew phenomenon, if skewed, can adjust the sprocket tail tensioning device in the screw, nut, so that support scraper two chain pre tension consistent.

7, hanging material rake wire rope wear, serious wear, should pay attention to observe, timely replacement.

8 、 whether the material rake runs along the supporting track and whether the commutation is smooth or not has abnormal sound.

9, material roller and track wear, whether the crisis normal work condition?.

10, the end beam running mechanism is smooth, shunting reversing is reliable, open gear meshing situation.

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