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Notes on operation of Stacker reclaimer before starting

Stacker and reclaimer in operation before a lot of attention should not be ignored, in order to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment, we need to pay attention to the following points

Safety precautions before engine start up:

Check and make sure all lamps lighting and display lights are properly displayed. In particular, check the normal indication of the turn signals and brake lights.

Check and make sure that when the engine is started, no one can work under or near the loader to ensure that the accident does not endanger the safety of oneself or others.

Before starting, the speed change handle of the loader should be pulled into neutral position.

If the brake system is not equipped with emergency braking, the hand brake handle board should be put into the parking position.

The engine can only be started or operated in a place where the air flow is good. When running indoors, connect the exhaust port of the engine to the outside.

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