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Anticorrosive coating for ship unloader

The thickness of the anticorrosion coating is directly related to the corrosion prevention effect. The corrosion resistance of the coating is not reliable without sufficient thickness. At the same time, the coating with the same thickness and multi channel coating has better corrosion resistance and even mechanical performance than single-layer. Combined with the actual, general primer coating, two road, a middle painted, and painted one or two road.

Fill putty for steel structure weld, sag, uneven parts, then use the oily polishing putty leveling or repairing putty. After completely dry, polish with 400#-600# sand paper and enter the next process.

Primer Description: epoxy zinc rich primer consists of 4 components: varnish, zinc powder, curing agent and thinner. Before the light oil and zinc powder by weight under 1:3 uniform mixing, adding curing agent is about 12%, about 12% of the diluent and mix thoroughly, then brush or spray. The prepared paint should be used up in 8-10 hours. In general, 25-35 m per membrane thickness, painted 2-3 times, the first dry before you can paint it again. Coating time of 24 hours, after work, with 400#-600# sandpaper polished.

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